The Albero del Kiri offers several holistic activities for the wellbeing.


Meditation & Mindfulness: is an opportunity to know your true nature, to discover your talents, to find the natural harmony and peacefulness bringing joy and value to your life.

Reading of the Chakras: an energy expert can indicate how your energy centers work and what is the level of their balance.

Chakras balancing: a treatment guided by an experienced operator, which will allow you to do a very special journey through your energy and finding in this way a deep relaxation and a touch with your innermost being.

Subtle Body Healer (healing of subtle bodies): The energy exists even if you do not see it. The treatment opens and balances your entire energy system. It clears and energizes all the chakras as well as the subtle bodies.

Weekend Relaxing Mind: the Albero del Kiri proposes well-being weekends.
You receive treatments and you can practice activities to reduce stress and tension in your life through meditation and relaxation techniques.


We offer customized programs that we agree together to make you experience the best of yourself.