The Monferrato area

A landscape of hills with historical significance, fascinating cities like Turin, Asti and small settlements dominated by castles, fine wines and delicacies: this is the Monferrato area. Rich in history and tradition, combines landscape largely intact in its original characters. The Albero del Kiri B&B is an ideal base to visit other areas of interest and recreation within the Monferrato Area.
A few minutes from the B&B there is the Santa Fede Abbey.
The Abbey was built by the Benedictine monks of Saint-Foy-de-Conques (Auvergne-France). It was built in the mid-twelfth century near the shrine dedicated to the Holy Faith, the girl martyred under Diocletian in 303 at Agen in France. Today is one of the most representative Romanesque monuments of Piedmont.

Industria – The archaeological area that covers 26,500 square meters includes a central area of the ancient Roman city, at the crossing of two roads that flank the main sacred city area, dedicated to the worship of the Egyptian goddess Isis and her companion Serapis.
The site is part of the protected area of the River Po of the Special Nature Reserve of the Dora Baltea.